Sunday, 10 August 2008

Common crossing

My first scratch-built common crossing. (Well actually it's my second, but the first one ended up in the bin after some over-zealous 'adjustments' with the soldering iron!).

In the end I found the best instructions to follow were those on EM Gauge Society manual sheet 1.2.0 (4). The crossing is assembled as a unit, soldered to brass strips at the timber positions (these still require trimming on the photos).

Here's the completed assembly:

And here it is temporarily in situ:

Obviously we'll see how successful I have actually been once I've built the whole turnout and I can actually run some stock through it!


  1. Mat,
    While I dont put many comments up, I do enjoy reading of your agonies as you progress on things. After having been a littl daunted by P4 it is great to see you sticking at it and I am watching how things go with interest.

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to you tackling a Finney or Mitchell kit soon!

  2. Hi Craig, Glad you're enjoying following my 'agonies'! One thing I'm beginning to realise is that if you don't just get stuck in, make some mistakes along the way, but stick at it, you don't get very far. I guess that applies to a lot more than just P4 modelling!!