Monday, 29 May 2006

More inspiration

I had another of those moments of inspiration earlier today. My wife and I went for a short walk in the country. It's midday, a beautiful warm summers days - quiet apart from the sound of the birds singing and the breeze gently whispering through the trees. We're wondering slowly down the lane - just wide enough for a single vehicle and rarely used. The verges have not yet been cut and are bursting with a sea of long green grass and white cow-parsley, filling the air with their pleasant summery fragrance. The hawthorn hedges lining the road are rampant with new growth, hiding the view of the surrounding countryside except for where they occasionally give way, revealing a flat, open and lush landscape - mostly meadowland grazed by cows, with occasional willows springing up along the river which winds its way slowly through the fields, and framed further away by larger oak, beech and chestnut trees where the land rises slightly.

OK, so my description falls a long way short of conjuring up the atmosphere of that moment, but it was such a vivid and timeless scene I knew it had to be incorporated into my layout - probably the road that will cross the line via a level crossing just beyond the coal yard as on my latest plan. If I can capture something of the inspiration I had today that would be great. I wish I'd had my camera with me, although I expect that even if I'd taken a photo it wouldn't convey the same atmosphere as actually being there and experiencing it.

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