Thursday, 15 September 2011

MRJ 209

Well, how about that... you wait 8 months for a blog post to come along and then two turn up together! And this one after I had effectively announced my temporary withdrawal from the hobby yesterday!

Anyway, my wife kindly picked up the latest issue of MRJ for me while out shopping so I've spent a pleasant couple of hours this evening perusing its contents.

In my usual non-conformist style, the thing that grabbed me the most in the whole magazine is the full page advertisement for Gordon Gravett's new book (published by Wild Swan - who else?) called 'Modelling Trees - Part 1: Broadleaf Trees'. The cover picture, reproduced in the ad, is just breathtaking (at least if, like me, you're as bothered about the realism of things like trees as you are with crossing vees and coupling rods!). Naturally it's gone straight on my Christmas list.

Talking of Christmas lists, and somewhat off the subject... I've been considering investing in one of those Noch Grasmaster static grass applicators. I know they're ridiculously expensive for what they are and I know I said I wasn't going to be doing any modelling, but part of me still hankers after being able to play around with the odd little scenic cameo piece - you know, just a few square inches, a bit of grass, a tree...

But that reminds me... I'd better get on and update the MRJ Index with this new issue...


  1. Matt,
    Understand your situation very well.
    I dropped railway modelling for 52 years and only restartd when I finally retired at age 69. Boy! had things changed in the interim!
    After a further 11 years I have caught up rather well - built 3 layouts, build all my own locos and rolling stock now (7mm FS). It's just a question of available time.
    John Tapley, Finland.

  2. If you can't justify the Nock device, try the Greenscene version. It's a lot cheaper and just as good.