Saturday, 5 March 2011

MRJ Index for mobile web browsers

I've been making a few tweaks to for those of you who may be viewing the site in a mobile browser (these days if you have a reasonably modern phone its often easier to use it for quick web searches than a desktop computer - that's certainly my experience anyway).

While the website was already perfectly usable on a mobile phone, it should now 'fit' the smaller screen size a lot better.

The mobile layout is triggered automatically based on screen size so if you've got a particularly hi-res phone display you may still see the desktop version. The functionality is identical either way.

I've only tested this on my own phone (a HTC Desire) so if you notice any major problems on your particular device/browser let me know.

UPDATE: I just noticed that it reverts to the desktop layout if I use my phone in landscape mode, so I need to sort this out when I get the chance.


  1. Doesn't seem to work for me. I was going to say you might want to look at this: ... but on second thoughts, it's probably better to adjust layout based on size rather than on the mobileness of the browser.

  2. Hmmm, I think I need to add a viewport meta tag to stop the browser showing the page in overview.

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