Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas woodworking

While I pluck up the courage to install the electrics and turnout mechanisms I decided that a less daunting but equally necessary job was fitting the backdrop and fascia.

I prefer the all-in-one, wraparound style of backdrop with no visible joins or corners, but not wanting to sacrifice any of the already limited space I opted for the more conventional approach of separate, flat back and sides instead. The joins will be hidden using bathroom sealant before painting and the corners disguised with trees (the back of the layout will pretty much be lined with trees anyway). The backrop will simply be painted to represent a clear blue sky.

A fascia board will be fitted above the front of the layout which will eventually carry the layout's name (whatever that may end up being!) and hide/support the lighting - a 3' long lightweight 30W fluorescent strip light. This will be detachable to allow easier access while working on the layout.

The backdrop is made from standard 3mm hardboard, pinned and glued to a framework of lightweight stripwood batons, and will be screwed and glued to the edges of the baseboard frame.

I'm in the middle of preparing the various sections ready for fitting to the layout, so will post some photos when I've made a bit more progress.

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