Sunday, 14 November 2010

(Apologies for the photo quality and childish labels... taken and edited with my phone just now!)

This is the result of 5 minutes rummaging around in the parents garage and a couple of minutes rooting around the Lego box for the right bits...

The blue baseplate will be screwed to the underside of the baseboard (the opposite way up from in the picture). The brass tube that will project up through the baseboard will be inserted vertically through the holes in the sliding bar and be securely fixed in place with epoxy, and the operating rod/wire attached through the horizontal hole at the end.

Simples! I made 3 of these in about 5 minutes. They're surprisingly robust. I don't even think the Lego blocks need glueing together. The sliding bars just require a bit of light filing across the top/bottom so they're not too stiff.

I find the incongruity of a P4 layout with Lego turnout operating units rather amusing!
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