Sunday, 24 January 2010

Encouragement for slow modellers!

For anyone who, like me, is concerned at the rate of their modelling progress - take a look at Martin Goodall, who gives us an update on his 'Burford Branch' layout in the latest issue of MRJ (196). The layout was conceived in 1974, work started in 1981... and it still isn't finished!

OK, so his layout is slightly larger than my eight square feet, but nonetheless I feel encouraged to know there are others for whom progress is similarly slow! One comment in particular resonates with me: "I suppose that, when it comes to the point, I have never felt there was any urgency in completing this layout; the design concept and the process of its gradual realisation are more important to me than the finished product."

Despite this I wouldn't really like to think I'll still be building this particular layout in 20 years from now... but I do think its quite possible that if I do complete this one and move on to another it might well be a reworking of the same concept, just on a slightly larger scale. The amount of time that has gone into (and is still going into) establishing a complete and convincing mental picture of how I want the finished layout to look, means that it is already beginning to take on a life of its own, despite in real terms still only being track on a bare baseboard.

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