Tuesday, 16 June 2009

New railway titles at The Works

I picked up some great bargains from 'The Works' a couple of weeks ago:
  • 'The Great Western at Swindon Works' Alan S.Peck. 278pp. Hardback. £8.99 (RRP £30)
  • 'Around the Great Western Railway Then & Now' Laurence Walters. 256pp. Hardback. £8.99 (RRP £35)
  • 'The Great Central from the Footplate' Robert Robotham & Frank Stratford. 112pp. Hardback £6.99 (RRP ??)
They are all published by Heathfield Railway Publications (HRP), which is an imprint of Ian Allan. I wonder if they're a new publisher as I haven't come across the name before and they appear to be re-releasing a number of old OPC titles, including the first book in the list above (which I've already got about a third of the way through and which is an absolutely fascinating historical - but extremely readable - account of the development of Swindon works).

They've also got another old OPC re-release which I didn't buy but I'm tempted to - 'An Illustrated History of British Railways' Workshops' by Edgar Larkin, I think also priced at £8.99 (RRP £30).

As well as the 'Then and now' book for the GWR they've also got the LNER, Midland and Southern ones in stock. I'm not usually all that bothered by these sort of books but the GWR one at least is quite fascinating - many of the the old photos depicting stations across the BR(WR) mainly during the 50s and 60s are previously unpublished, and there is something rather intriguing about seeing how these locations look 40 or 50 years on.

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