Wednesday, 17 June 2009

More permanent way

Another 3 feet or so of trackwork have been completed between the weekend and this evening. The 45xx chassis has also gained brake blocks since I last posted and received its first coat of paint - or should that be grime? I'll post some pictures eventually, I promise! The Bachmann brake rigging is also being 'adjusted' to fit the wider chassis.

One thing I'm learning is that for me to actually make any progress at all, however slow, I need to plan ahead. Not just in terms of 'track needs finishing' etc. but breaking each job down into its smallest constituent parts and then tackling each of these one at a time as time permits. This way, even a spare half an hour is sufficient opportunity to complete a small task and is at least one small step towards completing a larger job. The more I am able to do this the more progress I think I will actually make as I will at least be doing something rather than just procrastinating, It's also more rewarding to work this way as each task, however small, once completed provides a sense of acheivement - which is important when on the face of it it's taken me longer than it takes some people to finish a whole layout just to get to the stage of a baseboard with a few feet of unfinished trackwork...!

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