Sunday, 1 February 2009

Inspiration for industrial buildings

The aspect of the layout I'm least clear about at the moment (and it's probably the most crucial aspect to be honest!) is the nature of the industry the railway serves and, consequently, the appearance of the associated buildings.

Part of the original inspiration for the layout was a photo in Railway Bylines of some overgrown sidings surrounded by trees at the Melingriffith Tinplate Works in Cardiff, with a rather work-weary 0-6-0ST shunting some vans (which I can't reproduce here for obvious copyright reasons).

The only photos I've managed to find showing any of the buildings at the works are these from the Whitchurch and Llandaff website:

However, while I do like the idea of relating the layout more closely to this particular location, I'm not sure whether these photos provide enough detail to model any of the buildings individually and even if they did, how they would be incorporated into the scene shown in the sketch I did.

Something to think about anyway.

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  1. And the real question is, does it matter...

    The wonderful thing (IMHO) about industrial buildings is their very organic nature. They needed a new space for a boiler/press/flange-wobbler, and they just built a new bit on the side/top...

    Take the inspiration from what they show, make sure that the processes that they describe are realistic - malt in, beer out ;-) - and go from there.