Monday, 16 February 2009

Another quick sketch

Ok, this really is just a very rough sketch I did on a piece of scrap paper, but based on the thoughts in my last post I think the idea portrayed here will work much better and be a lot easier to implement.

The building, which will sit fairly square to the back of the layout, will be modelled in "3/4 relief" (the ridge of the roof will be a couple of inches forward of the backscene with large trees disguising the actual join between building and backscene). The chimney will conveniently hide the backscene corner as a curved backscene wouldn't really work here.

The rear siding will run in front of the building, parallel to the running line, with a low, grassy bank and fence in between with the exit to the left hidden by a thicket of trees and bushes bwteen the siding and running line.

This will allow for a number of possible scenarios - the building itself doesn't have to give away the specific nature of the industry involved so various scenarios (and types of goods stock) could be envisaged. The rear siding could be treated either as a single siding to serve this one building, with just the occasional van being shunted in and out, or as connecting to a more extensive system of sidings and facilities beyond the modelled area, allowing for longer trains to run in and out. I like this flexibility as it allows scope for variation in rolling stock and operations.

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  1. I like the sketch. It puts me in mind of a small (4' x 2') layout by Martin Brent I saw in the old Model Railways magazine many years ago. It was just a through line with a couple of sidings but it was all surrounded by trees like this sketch. Blowed if I can remember the name of the layout though