Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Making it a bit more interesting

Maybe I was being a bit too minimalist with my previous plan. I was thinking about what I said about adding an extra track running from end to end allowing for a locomotive to run round its train before shunting the sidings, and decided that this would make quite a significant difference to the operational potential. Bringing the loop crossover into the modelled area would further increase the interest.

I've made some rough adjustments to the Templot plan above to show the idea, with the dotted lines at either end representing the tracks that extend 'off stage'.

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  1. Matt,
    What a difference adding the white sections to each side of your (new) plan has made, the possibilities (of even the old plan) are (almost) endless. If you had added the white sections to the earlier plan it would have completely changed my thinking as to it's operational possibilities. For simlpicity you probably carn't beat the cassette, on the other hand, if you are up to the engineering challenge of the sector plate you can save on a lot of points and still have great operational potential. Perhaps the use of both, say sector plate on the RHS and cassettes on the LHS of the new plan. So many possibilities to ponder.

    Best regards,