Friday, 2 May 2008

Welcome Scalefourers!

It was a nice surprise to see Line To Nowhere getting a mention (well, a link at least) in the latest issue of Scalefour News which arrived on the doormat today! If you're here as a result of seeing it, then welcome! I'm afraid postings have been rather thin on the ground recently (see my previous post). However, please feel free to browse through the archives and read the story so far.

My P4 'credentials' are pretty limited I have to confess. In fact most of my 'modelling' so far has amounted to little more than planning, research, and a few 'experiments'. Several abortive efforts at starting construction of a small portable layout have already taken place but the lack of a proper space for it to live has prevented things coming to fruition for the moment.

Currently my efforts are focused, as I outlined in my last post, on developing an online searchable index for Model Railway Journal. A lot of late nights recently have seen some really good progress with this and I'm getting closer to a finished product. However, once the site itself is finished, there is still the time-consuming task of updating all the content.

As things get closer to completion I'll perhaps post a few 'teasers' such as screenshots just to whet your appetite. I think it's going to be a really invaluable resource so watch this space!

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