Friday, 30 May 2008

Screenshot of MRJ Index

Here's a screenshot of my new MRJ Index as it looks at the moment, with a typical search listing displayed. There might be one or two tweaks to the visual interface yet but I though I'd post this here just to whet your appetites for what is to come!! Click on the image to see a larger version...


  1. Matt,

    As someone who spends many idle moments browsing MRJ backnumbers,it looks like a great product. I've used Charlie Harrison's index in the past but he doesn't seem to be updating it any longer. Any idea when you're planning to launch it or release a beta? And - as I'm a software developer - how have you done it?


    Chris Veitch

  2. Hi Chris,

    Glad you like the look of it. I'm currently in the process of adding all the data (with some help from a willing volunteer), so as soon as that's all in the site will be ready for launch. Hopefully this will be in the next few weeks - depending on how fast I can type - so watch this space!

    As to how I've done it... if I told you that I'd have to kill you! But seriously, I've written it in PHP in conjunction with a MySQL database - nothing especially clever really. Mind you, trying to create a half decent search engine using MySQL has proved a bit of a challenge!