Monday, 13 August 2007

I'm intending to cover the baseboard surfaces in cork prior to laying the track. I'm going to use B&Q 4mm floor tiles as they're dirt cheap and should do the job fine. I'm also considering whether it might be worth, in the pursuit of quieter running, putting down a layer of polystyrene ceiling tiles (like these) before the cork - my thinking being that the polystyrene tiles would absorb much of the noise (a lot more than cork alone by my guess) while the cork would provide a surface on top of this firm enough to fix the track to yet still transfer running noise/vibration through to the cork. I don't know if this is overkill really though? I don't really have any experience of how noisy trains are on different surfaces but I'd rather over- than under-compensate.


  1. Hello Matt,
    I stumbled upon your blog via Chris Nevard's site and thence via Much Meddling.
    Like you I'm at the planning stage in terms of layout construction, so your blog is of interest.
    I must bring to your attention this layout: Hedges Hill Cutting.

    The layout is a 1990's 2mm layout, absolutely tiny, but wonderful. I'm so often disappointed by layouts when I've seen them at exhibitions, but this one is just charming. It's really a slice of south London that just happens to have a railway cutting running through it, which is the kind of layout I like! The photos don't really do it justice, but the chap, Graham Hedges, a very charming modest fellow, has got a real eye for detail and nuance.

    Observational details such as crush railings outside the tube station, an ATM machine, wheelie bins, estate agents boards, pubs that look inviting, backyard and wilderness clutter, area-typical architecture, good use of colour and depth of field, lots of little details, make it an exceptional model in my view. Worth a trip to see it.

    Anyway, keep up the blog and good luck with the trackbuilding.
    Matt Hillier

  2. Hi Matt,

    I've seen pictures of Hedge's Hill Cutting before but not seen it 'in the flesh'. It certainly does look to have a lot of atmosphere and detail.

    I'm glad you're finding my blog of some use - I started writing it originally with the intention that it might help others in a similar situation to me as I was starting out.

    I'm afraid my 'planning stages' have now been going on for a couple of years - albeit there was a house move in the middle of it all, but it doesn't worry me too much - I think I enjoy the planning part almost as much as the modelling itself, oddly!

    Good luck with your project.