Friday, 13 July 2007

Goods yard office

Finally got round to putting the finishing touches to the goods yard office which I must have started about 6 months ago... suffice it say that I haven't by any means been working on it for all that time! It's been a case of little and not-very-often I'm afraid!

Well, here are some photos, so you can judge for yourself whether it was worth the wait!

The window frames are made with Evergreen styrene strip with clear plastic sheet for the glazing. The rows of tiles are made from strips of paper with the individual tiles cut into their lower edge, then stuck down with the bottom row first, and each successive row overlapping the previous. (I printed the outlines for the tiling strips on the computer.) The ridge leading was formed from a strip of paper folded over a piece of styrene strip. The leading around the chimney stack is also paper cut and folded to shape then glued into place. The chimney and guttering are Wills, and the downpipes (which I'm especially proud of!) are scratch-built from plasticard.

I'm pretty happy with the end results, although being the perfectionsist that I am, I know there's still room for improvement, in particular the paint finish on the brickwork and the overall crispness of the detail. In hindsight I also wish I'd taken the time to add some interior detailing, even if only for my personal satisfaction (although if I was really bothered I suppose I could try to manouevre a few pieces of furniture through the door!!)

I might still add a few more external details - perhaps a lamp over the door, a sign/noticeboard on the wall. Maybe a little moss on the roof or around a leaky section of guttering etc. But basically, that's it, ready for installation on the layout.

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  1. Matt,
    I really like the finish to the brickwork, especially on the rear side where it looks as if water has seeped down the wall from the guttering. If I remember correctly there was almost always a cast sign the wall facing the weighbridge.
    Keep at it!