Saturday, 8 July 2006

Locomotive wish-list

Got the August issue of British Railway Modelling through the post this morning. I hjave to say I'm not often all that bothered by the layouts featured - it has to be something pretty special to grab my interest! But it's always interesting to read the reviews and find out about the latest product releases. This month Bachmann's new 9F is reviewed and it looks like an absolutely stunning model.

It really does seem as if the model manufacturers are taking great leaps forward in the quality of the models they're producing at the moment. I'm afraid that my layout won't have any requirement for a 9F, although I'm quite tempted to buy one anyway!!

My current 'stock' of locomotives is:

'2251' 0-6-0
44xx 2-6-2T
45xx 2-6-2T

I'm considering possibly selling at least one of the Prairie tanks as they're blatantly not appropriate motive power for an S&D layout (although I don't mind rewriting history a little bit because they are very nice models!).

My 'essential' locomotive wish list is:

8750 or 5700 0-6-0PT (Bachmann)
Fowler 3F 'Jinty' 0-6-0T (Bachmann)
Ivatt Class '2' 2-6-2T (Bachmann)
Fowler 4F 0-6-0 (Hornby) - I very much like the look of the Brassmasters 4F (complete with fully working inside motion!) but the cost, amount of work involved in construction etc. put me off at this stage.

My 'would like to have but need to do a bit more rewriting of history first' wish-list is:

8F 2-8-0 (Hornby) - did run on the S&D but as far as I know only on the main line
Bulleid Q1 0-6-0 (Hornby) - I'm not aware they ever ran on any part of the S&D but I could be wrong
M7 class 0-4-4T (Hornby) - ditto
56xx 0-6-2T (Bachmann) - ditto
Class 04 diesel (Bachmann) - My chosen period is probably slightly too early for diesels but I could stretch things. I know 03's were used on the branch at the very end.
Class 20 diesel (Bachmann) - not sure whether these were used at any stage on the S&D

And to be honest, then there's a whole load of other locos (steam and diesel) that I'd love to have but which would require a total time or region shift to allow me to run them on the layout so they can wait (well, so can most of the others while there are more pressing concerns than building up my loco fleet!!).

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