Thursday, 8 June 2006

Flickr gallery

I know this is slightly 'off-topic' as it has nothing to do with modelling but I've just uploaded my first set of photos to Flickr - they're not exactly of the highest quality being as I took them using my mobile phone but they show some of the remains of the old Great Central railway line around the Bede Island area of Leicester - sights that are undoubtedly soon to be consigned to the history books, so I thought it was worth recording them for posterity.

You can view the photos here.


  1. Hi Matt
    I noticed you had not had any comments yet - miserable people!
    Very interesting blog :-)
    Pics from your phone look ok.

  2. Which Becky O?

    I read it too! I just don't often comment - like most people don't comment on my blog either.