Saturday, 29 April 2006

Stop Press!

Well, the latest news is that we are buying a new house! So plans for the model railway are currently on hold - although they were (fortunately) still only at the planning stage as we'd been considering things for a while. However, should everything go according to plan, we will have a detached garage which we plan to convert into a 'railway room'. We've just been for a second viewing this afternoon and done some measuring - the garage is 15' 6" x 8' (the current 'railway room' which also doubles as office, library and general store room is 13' x 6') which means there is definitely potential to increase the size of the layout, at the very least to something like 15' x 2', and possibly even to run round two and a half walls, making a much longer run! Exciting!

Although I don't want to get too excited and make too many definite plans too soon, I do want to start putting together some preliminary ideas in Templot, so I'll post them on here as and when I have something worth looking at.

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