Friday, 7 April 2006

Goods yard dilemmas

Despite switching the plan around to supposedly make more space for the goods yard, in actual fact it makes little relatively little difference. I've still spent yet more hours figuring out the best track layout to fit the space.

The problem is that goods yards require space - space for access to wagons for loading and unloading - often road vehicle access. The typical goods shed found in most rural stations, while small compared to those found in some urban goods yards, nevertheless still requires a reasonable amount of space in model form, especially when you take into account the additional area required for vehicle access again. Realistically you're looking at a minimum area of 7 or 8 inches square. On a layout with a maximum width of 2 feet that's a lot of real estate!

Again, one of the things I want to try and avoid at all costs is cramming too much into too small a space. Despite the small overall dimensions of the layout, I want to give the impression of spaciousness.

My latest plan is to do away with the bay platform and use the space for a second goods siding. After all, the second platform is a bit of a luxury really and would be rarely used in practise.

The goods shed - if there is one - could then be sited on this siding, with the cattle dock either beyond the shed on the same track or alongside the rear siding, facing towards the back of the layout.

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