Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Kit building

I bought a couple of old Airfix wagon kits off Ebay last week - a brake van and a cattle wagon. They both probably date from the 1960s - the boxes wouldn't look out of place in a toy museum! I bought them intending to get some kit-building practise on something cheap and simple. I wasn't too worried about the quality of the kits themselves.

On their arrival, closer inspection revealed that they're not bad. I've begun to build the brake van, and ordered some Gibson wheels and three-link couplings in place of the moulded plastic ones that came with the kit. I'm also doing some careful filing-off of moulded handrails etc. with the intention of fitting wire ones later.

All in all, it shouldn't be a bad little model when I've finished I think, accidents aside! I'll post some photos when I get time, to show my progress.

I've also come up with some further (minor) revisions to the track plan which I'll post soon hopefully.

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