Saturday, 28 January 2006

Track and electrics

I got my EM Gauge Society manual through the post today. I decided to join even though I've decided to build the layout in finescale OO, because I'd heard that the information is worth having anyway. There are 3 rin-binders worth of information sheets covering everything from baseboard construction to prototypical railway operation.

Tonight I've been reading up on electrics and made a start at doing some rough wiring diagrams for the layout - not as easy as I remember it being, partly due to the fact that in my teenage modelling days all the tournouts I used were 'dead frog' which made the whole thing a lot easier to understand!

I'll post a wiring diagram on here soon so those of you with a better understanding of these things can point out all my errors!!

I also ordered some point kits from Mainly Trains yesterday, one from C&L and one from SMP, to get some practise at building track and also to compare the two makes before splashing out on track for the whole layout. I'll report back on progress when they arrive.

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