Saturday, 4 December 2010

My plan to introduce some variation into the track levels has fallen at the first hurdle! Although I managed to cut through the baseboard relatively easily using a jig-saw, it is still fixed absolutely rock solid to the frame underneath.

I tried using a cutting disc in the mini-drill to separate the baseboard from the frame members, but the disc broke almost immediately, sending shrapnel flying everywhere, so in the interests of safety I quickly gave up on that idea!

Saws and chisels are out of the question as there's limited space to work in anyway, plus there are dropper wires sticking through the underside of the baseboard everywhere so I need to avoid knocking them and breaking the soldered rail connections!

So unless anyone has any bright ideas, I think I'm going to have to give up on the idea and live with a flat baseboard. (I may still be able to have a gradient on the rear running line by just lifting the track itself and adding a sub-base on to of the baseboard surface - at last this would avoid the same problems, although of course out could being its own set of problems!

Oh the joy of backward planning!!
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