Monday, 12 November 2007

I am now a fully signed up member of the Scalefour Society! My membership card, Scalefour Digest and the last six isues of Scalefour News arrived in the post today. What a mine of information the Scalefour Digest appears to be!

One interesteing little snippet I came across tonight while flicking through is on Digest 23.6.4 where it says that when constructing track using the C&L components you should not use track gauges that grip the rail head tightly since as soon as you release the rail from the gauge it will tilt inwards (the chairs are designed this way to reflect prototype practise), thus becoming under-gauge. This is an interesting conundrum and not something I had thought about. I don't know if the gauges sold by the Society would create this problem or not. I assume there are plenty of people building P4 track using C&L components and can't imagine they're all filing down their gauges as suggested...

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