Saturday, 8 July 2006

The Railway Room - Part 1

Yesterday we got the keys to our new house! This afternoon I had a good poke around the garage - the plan is that this will become the new 'railway room'. There's a lot to do before it gets there though. Firstly, it needs a very good clean to get rid of all the dust, dirt, cobwebs etc. Then the whole thing needs rewiring as the current electrics look a bit on the dangerous side! The plan will be to install some suitable lighting and power points. Then the ceiling needs boarding over and painting, the up-and-over door bricking up or boarding over from inside, the walls painting (or possibly boarding over to improve insulation?), a heater installed, blinds on the window, draught excluders round the door... and then we'll be about ready to begin thinking about constructing the layout!

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